In January, I will start Yoga Teacher Training for several reasons: I’d like to deepen my practice and devote time to physical expression, regularly feel the energy that I know comes of yoga (or dancing, or running, or…), and, finally, continue to spend energy on things that will allow me to draw happiness from multiple areas.

I feel the last need in particular right now because my job has the potential to become all-consuming and I know what that looks like for a person. I also know that if I do not tie my entire happiness to my work, it will be much easier to remain grounded when things do become stressful.

I normally feel such pressure to compose beautiful sentences when writing but, tonight, after a hard, confusing day at work, I’ve shrugged at the pressure. I knew that I just needed to start.

To explain the title of the blog: I chose a line from June Jordan’s “Poem for South African Women”

“And who will join this standing up/ and the ones who stood without sweet company/ will sing and sing/ back into the mountains and/ if necessary/ even under the sea/ we are the ones we have been waiting for.”


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